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    What if we didn't focus on who you are now, but who you could become? 

    Here at EY, you'll have the chance to build a truly exceptional experience. We'll empower you with the latest technology, surround you with high-performing teams, and provide the global scale and diverse and inclusive culture you need to discover your full potential. Through our coaching and training programs, you’ll develop the skillsets you need to stay relevant today and in the future – all while building a network of colleagues, mentors, and leaders who will be on the journey with you at EY and beyond. 

    The exceptional EY experience. It's yours to build. 

    The opportunity: your next adventure awaits 

    EY teams are looking for talented graduates to join us under the following service lines: Assurance, Consulting, Strategy and Transactions, and Tax. Students from all disciplines (including but not limited to accounting, business, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, language, law) are welcomed to join. 
    EY Assurance team is one of the most trusted, respected and influential team in the industry. We provide peace of mind to clients by using the skills and experience to give companies, investors and regulators confidence in the validity of financial statements and business-critical information or processes. 
    • Audit (click and learn more
    • Climate Change and Sustainability Services (click and learn more
    • Data Analytics (click and learn more
    • Financial Accounting Advisory Services (click and learn more
    • Forensic & Integrity Services (click and learn more

    EY clients are faced with external pressures on an unprecedented scale. The ability to translate strategy into reality is key to their enhanced business performance. As a consulting professional, you will be focused on helping them achieve this goal. 
    • Actuarial Services (click and learn more
    • Business Consulting (click and learn more
    • Financial Services Risk Management (click and learn more
    • Financial Technology and Innovation (click and learn more
    • Technology Consulting (click and learn more

    ▶Strategy and Transactions 
    EY Strategy and Transactions (SaT) team works with clients to help manage their capital agenda to drive competitive advantage and increased returns. We advise clients on preserving, optimizing, raising or investing capital. (click and learn more

    EY tax services revolves around helping clients effectively manage their tax obligations proactively and responsibly. We advise clients on planning, compliance and reporting wherever the client has needs. The unwavering commitment to quality service and the technical networks help enable you to help clients reduce inefficiencies, reduce risk and improve opportunities within their tax functions. 
    • Tax (click and learn more
    • People Advisory Services (click and learn more
    • Tax Technology & Transformation (click and learn more)





    What we look for 
    • You have an agile, growth-oriented mindset. What you know matters. But the right mindset is just as important in determining success. We’re looking for people who are innovative, can work in an agile way and keep pace with a rapidly changing world. 
    • You are curious and purpose driven. We’re looking for people who see opportunities instead of challenges, who ask better questions to seek better answers that build a better working world. 
    • You are inclusive. We’re looking for people who seek out and embrace diverse perspectives, who value differences, and team inclusively to build safety and trust. 

    • Qualifications: 
    -You will graduate in 2021 or 2022 with a bachelor’s degree or above in all disciplines; 
    -You are a fast learner and good team player. Being proactive; willing to work under pressure and keen to develop in the professional services field; have good oral and written skills in both English and Chinese, including technical and business writing, documentation and presentation skills. Japanese N1 is a plus for you to apply for Japan business services. 
    -You are preferred to have the experience in using data visualization tools, i.e. Tableau, Power BI, and knowledge in computer languages (i.e. R, Python, SAS, SQL) for data analysis. 
    What’s in it for you 
    • Accelerate your technical capabilities and transformative leadership skills with future-focused courses and development programs. 
    • Broaden your horizons by working on highly integrated teams across the globe and collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds — both professionally and culturally. 
    • Bring out the best in yourself with continuous investment in your personal well-being and career development. 
    • Develop your own personal purpose and help us create a positive ripple effect on our teams, our business, clients and society – building a better working world, together. 

    What you can expect 
    • Shortlisted candidates will be invited to complete an online assessment. Please remember to check your email regularly for updates as the test will only be valid for 48 hours. 
    • If you passed the online test and documents verification, you will be invited to attend interviews and interview format may vary according to the office/service line you applied.

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