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    2022 Graduate Program China

    What’s your passion? Is it to think up sustainable solutions? Push A.I. forward? Or supporting local communities? Whatever your passion is, we believe that the best ideas come from bringing together different perspectives. That’s why Rio Tinto’s graduate program brings together people from different backgrounds to work toward a common goal: to make our future better. Do you want to drive change? It’s time to come together and create tomorrow with a graduate role at Rio Tinto.

    We're looking for graduates and students from a range of degrees for different areas across our business including:

    • Engineering – All degrees including Metallurgy, Process or Chemical
    • Sciences – Geoscience, Environmental, new energy related
    • Technology – Data Science, Software, Computing, Robotics
    • Humanities – Arts, Law, Health & Safety, Archaeology
    • Business – All degrees including economics, Finance, Commercial, Sales Marketing
    • Language- English

    We are currently recruiting for these graduate roles:

    • Graduate - Strategy & Development- Beijing
    • Graduate - Iron Ore Sales & Marketing -Shanghai
    • Graduate - Iron Ore Portside Sales -Shanghai
    • Graduate - Iron Ore Technical Marketing -Shanghai (PHD required)
    • Graduate – Mineral Sales Marketing -Shanghai
    • Graduate - Procurement -Shanghai
    • Graduate - Procurement Support -Suzhou

    About Us

    Every idea, every innovation, every little thing the world calls ‘progress’ begins with a first step, and someone willing to take it: explorers, inventors, entrepreneurs. Pioneers.

    For nearly 150 years, Rio Tinto has been a company of pioneers –generations of people spanning the globe, all with the grit and vision to produce materials essential to human progress. Our iron ore has shaped skylines from Shanghai to Sydney. Our aluminium – the world’s first to be certified “responsible” – helps planes fly and makes cars lighter. Our copper helps wind turbines power cities and our boron helps feed the world and explore the universe. Our diamonds help us celebrate the best parts of life. 

    Since establishing the first office in Beijing almost 40 years ago with just three people, Rio Tinto has built partnerships with China that span supply, innovation, capability building, culture and procurement. It's a relationship that has been transformative for Rio Tinto and continues to make a significant contribution to China’s growth story. 

    The company’s history in China stretches back over a century, when Rio Tinto made the first borates sales to the country. Since 1973 when Rio Tinto was one of the first foreign companies to export iron ore to China, it has shipped over 3.3 billion tonnes of the commodity, more than any other mining company. This extraordinary volume has been driven in large part by the pioneering joint ventures and partnerships that the company has forged in recent decades.

    Including you

    We particularly welcome and encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, women, the LGBTI+ community, mature workers, people with disabilities and people from different cultural backgrounds.

     We are committed to an inclusive environment where people feel comfortable to be themselves. We want our people to feel that all voices are heard, all cultures respected and that a variety of perspectives are not only welcome –they are essential to our success. We treat each other fairly and with dignity regardless of race, gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or anything else that makes us different.


    Graduate Program – at final year of study/ recently graduated within 2 years

    Next steps

    Join us and pioneer a career that will not only build your future, but drive progress for us all, apply today.

    Please note, in order to be considered for this role you must complete all pre-screening questions.

    If you would like to know more about careers at Rio Tinto, join us on LinkedIn or our Talent Network na***com[點擊查看].

    Applications close 30 April 2022

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